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The COVID Era sandbox is one which you could do nothing and be fine.  However, it also is a golden opportunity to accomplish long-time or new goals.  My goal is to provide literature which can be entertaining yet meaningful.

In 2022, my first novel, Fallen, has been released. You can get it Kindle, KindleUnlimited, and Paperback from Amazon.



By Patrick Abbott

Earth has been visited by a race of aliens known as the Sabia. The Sabia trade technology and wealth to world leaders in exchange for natural resources. However, their arrival on Earth has exacerbated society's divisions, with militant leftists and right-wing militia groups tearing the country apart as all seek power.

Enter veteran Brendan Sean Murphy. The combat veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder has been assigned to be a liaison officer to the Sabia. Can he balance the needs of the United States government and Sabia to keep the peace? Or will division, his own personal trauma, and outside forces overcome his efforts?

Character Sketch: Brendan Sean Murphy

An immigrant who never felt comfortable anywhere, Brendan is a combat veteran who has been assigned as a liaison to the alien race known as Sabia. Caught between competing agendas and his own personal trauma, Brendan must work hard to keep the peace, even if the price is violence.


Character Sketch:

Malcolm McAndrews

Malcolm McAndrews is the proud descendant of generations of Scot-Irish American warriors. Malcolm and Brendan were friends who served together overseas. War, though, has changed them both. While Brendan has tried to ignore his own personal demons, Malcolm has embraced his bitterness and now serves as number two in the militia movement known as The Patriot Assembly. Believing the Sabia are empowering those who would oppress the masses, Malcolm is willing to do anything to turn the tide in his favor.

Character Sketch:


The Sabia doctor Esfirs first meets Brendan as he lies on an operating table. For her, the human starts off as another medical assignment who then turns into the week's curiosity. However, shared tribulations with Brendan and his not knowing her own past proves fertile ground for a friendship. Can it survive the machinations of the Sabia's leadership council, the United States government, and humans who suspect the Sabia of treachery?


Character Sketch


Berina is a Sabia pilot who becomes Brendan's de facto deployment buddy. Her concern for Brendan and interest in his life is comforting for a man awed by circumstances. However, her access to senior Sabia leaders, avoidance of discussing her own background, behavior around other humans implies there is another agenda at work.

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