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An Interview with South African Author Schalk Holloway

An Interview with South African Author Schalk Holloway

An One Hour Interview on South Africa, Tactics, Neurodivergence in Stories, and Faith-influenced Science Fiction

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Talking Non-American Science Fiction

Science fiction has long been a tool for cultures to envision how they would evolve and examine and comment upon contemporary issues. As I consumed more science fiction in various forms of media and met other authors, I began to appreciate the differences and similarities of foreign science fiction.

Motivated to learn more, I am contacting non-American scifi creators to get their comparisons of science fiction from around the world. If you are interested in being interviewed or know someone who would be, please reach out to patrick(dot)abbott(at)gmail(dot)com.

Check out the previous interviews with Pakistani author Omar Iftikhar and Nigerian creator Adedeji Oshigbesan.

Interview with Schalk Holloway

Schalk Holloway is a published author, lay minister, and retired special operations response team leader with 18 years experience running interventions in at-risk communities and 7 years experience executing urban tactical and intelligence based operations.

He is a subject literature author in the fields of Christian ministry, as well as professional firearms and combatives instruction. His first book, ‘Die Groot Storie’, was traditionally published by Struik Christian Media (the preeminent publisher for Christian books in South Africa) and can be found on the shelves of most South African chain bookstores. His second treatment, ‘The Maul Book‘ (co-authored by Gavin Coleman), has been widely acclaimed as one of the best books on its subject field. ‘The Maul Book’ as well as the ‘Schalk’s Little Book Series‘ can be ordered from most major online distributors.

In 2022 Schalk suffered a severe injury leading to multiple surgeries and a long period of recovery. Subsequently, he retired from certain instructional and operational environments. He is now enjoying an independent career as novelist. His first novels, ‘The Brooklyn Saga’, are a crossover between psychological thriller and realistic fiction. These books draw inspiration from his extensive experience running interventions and operations in at-risk communities. Schalk is currently working on more titles for his ‘Little Book Series’ as well as an exciting new hard and military science fiction series, ‘The Posterity Doctrine’.

Neurodivergence and (C/)PTSD themes feature strongly in in all Schalk’s tales.

He is active on Facebook and has his own website.

This was an epic interview

I planned for this interview to be like the rest. However, Schalk was game for a conversation, and I was eager to try Substack’s podcast feature. Thankfully, we went down this path as Schalk went in-depth about his background, his book Novus Dies, neurodivergence, and how his faith influenced his books.

There’s a generated transcript available, but some of the bits I enjoyed are his description of his interest in trying to figure out how small arms tactics would evolve, how South Africans being wildlife conscious led to his descriptions of nature reclaiming decaying cities, and how his idea of romanticism led to him having a husband-and-wife team as the protagonists who complemented each other with different skills.

The conversation got heavy towards the end. We discussed PTSD and neurodivergence in our books. I brought up how my time with fellow deployees who suffer what few understand spurred me to write Fallen. At the same time, Schalk tied his own life and the people he encountered both in ministry and security interventions into his writings. Finally, he described how he uses his Christian faith not to make preachy books but instead ponder how people can live a moral life in a hostile world, both in parts of South Africa and in his books.

Some Q&A

Background before becoming a novelist.

At heart, I'm a minister, so I've been working in ministry since 2005. But my wife and I, for quite a long period of our life, lived in at-risk communities and specifically ran high-risk interventions in at-risk communities. But flowing from that, probably about nine years ago, I got picked up by a special operations response team that works within a certain policing environment in our organized crime world and asked whether I would be able to just join them on what we would call a search and seizure operation. And that basically led to them inviting me onto the team and systematically growing into what would be a team leader position and also a regional leader position. And that lasted for last nine years, then I was a part of that special operations response team.

Personal Wonderings About How Small Arms Action, Not Lasers, Would be Different in the Novel

If I have to just speak about a hot weapon, a combustible weapon, what what would I want to fix in it so there was a lot of fun for me sort of just being able to take solid tactics small team tactics take solid knowledge and saying ‘Okay, but how do we push that a bit into the future?’, and I'll mod that play out within within a science fiction setting and and I quite enjoyed that that there's a lot of fun to be had in that. Much of the feedback that I get is centered around that as well you can see people quite enjoy the the door kicking, but the fact that it's not just humans doing it and there's robots with them.

A Unique Aspect of South Africa in His Story

So there's these little scenes or references to animals or wildlife and a little bit of discussion happening around possible future dynamics related to wildlife. The society that they find themselves in, it's far into the future and it's not being maintained because population levels have shrunk. So nature is encroached back into civilization. And with that, there are some animals and some plant life and so forth. So that features quite a bit. And I think that might be very much due to our South African heritage as well. The fact that we are outdoors people and we are used to wildlife and we don't have lions as pets, but we are very used to just to wildlife and to outside living and so forth.

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Until Next Time

Thank you for reading this newsletter post. Next time, I will explain why the movie Starship Troopers is popular with those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then, I will interview a Ukrainian steampunk comic book creator.

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