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My Story

A Midwesterner at heart, I have studied geography, traveled the world, served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and dealt with powerful anxiety issues. Yet, life has taught me that victory is achieved through action.

I have established a family and live my life to the fullest through action. When not coaching or writing, I enjoy baseball, walks outside, reading, praying, and spending time with my family.


"Victory Through Action!" -My Motto to My Deployed Teams

My Coaching

I was certified as an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) until 2022 (dues payment levels caused me not to renew). The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the gold standard of coaching worldwide. I have taken over 100 hours of classes and continuing education to achieve this certification. To date, I have over 100 hours of professional, paid coaching already completed.

Coaching is not mentorship. As a coach, I will not tell you what to do or what I would do in a particular situation. Instead of focusing on the topic you have, I, as a coach, will pay attention to you by asking you questions. Through your answers, together, we will find ways to resolve your topics.

My Writings

Throughout my life, I have come up with various story ideas. Yet, every concept I let die on the vine. Then one day, I was doing some self-coaching and inspired myself to write a story as a novel. So I started writing to prove that I could do something epic.

That was in December 2020. Now, in early 2022, I am finished my first novel.  I look forward to your reviews when it is published and additional stories in the near-future.

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